Pranadigma produces light beams invisible to the naked eye for adjustable periods of time - hours, days or weeks -. The on/off repetition of these color beams at precise wavelengths and contrasts leaves a “trace of light” on the unconscious that produces the desired healing or boosting effect.




Light vibration, manifested in color, was used since ancient times to cure pain and diseases. Did you know that it can help you quit smoking; sleep well; improve your self-esteem or increase your concentration? Did you know the power of color to relieve physical pain? The ancient civilizations of history left us the legacy. Hinduism has transmitted to us that the human body has energy centers, called Chakras, in which our vital energy is received, transformed and distributed; each of them has a harmonizing color. Chromotherapy is used throughout the world as alternative health therapy, and modern science legitimized its benefits when applied in traditional medicine. Today you can access the benefits of color therapy through your mobile device or desktop computer.